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(Gestaltung geklaut von Vale aus'm SVZ. )

-Die Finnen-

Sunrise Avenue ♥♥♥ [o4.o2.'o7 | o9.o6.'o7 | 23.1o.'o7 | 28.o6.'o8 | 14.o7'o9 | 1o.11.'o9 | 13.11.'o9]
[ev'rything. whole OTWTW & PopGasm album and: Happiness, Somebody Will Find You Someday, Nasty, Lakatut Varpaankynnet, Fail Again, Runaway, The First Cut Is The Deepest and all the other shit.]

Poets of the Fall ♥♥
[Illusion & Dream, Lift, Where Do We Draw The Line, 3 AM, All The Way/4 U, Maybe Tomorow Is A Better Day, Revolution Roulette, Roses, Desire, Locking Up The Sun, Save Me, Miss impossible, Fragile, The Ultimate Fling ... ]

All of Us ♥♥ [16.o5.'o8]
[White Rider, Married To Sin, Hit Song About You, Voices, Als Ich Fortging, Black Rider, The Pact, One Star, Overacted, City of Destiny, I'm Not Scared .. ]

-Die Deutschen Herren-

Christian Venus ♥♥ [23.1o.'o7 | 19.o9.'o8 | 13.o3.'o9]
[Brandstifter, 3 Uhr Morgens, Was Auch Immer, Hysterie, Unglaublich, Fragezeichen, Regenwelt, Wie Du Gehst .. ]

Martin Kilger ♥♥ [19.o9.'o8 | 13.o3.'o9]
[Leicht, Weinen, Der Letzte Song, Göttin, Blutjung, Nimm es, Fliegen, Ich Hab's Getan, Manian ... ]

Samuel Anthes ♥♥ [24.1o.'o8]
[So schwer, Pour Over Me, Es Gibt So Tage, Ohne Dich, Du Allein, Nachtschwärmer .. ]

-Die Amis-

The All-American Rejects ♥♥ [26.1o.'o9]
[Gives You Hell, Another Heart Calls, Night Drive, Top Of The World, Jack's Lament, Move Along, Swing, Swing, Straigtjacket Feeling, Happy Endings, Dirty Little Secret, It Ends Tonight, Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down), Real World, Breakin', Sunshine, Here I Sit ... ]

Jonas Brothers ♥♥
[Sorry, Inseparable, Hold On, Out Of This World, Poor Unfortunate Souls, LoveBug, What I Go To School For, S.O.S., Pushin' Me Away, Please Be Mine, Goodnight & Goodbye, I Am What I Am, Video Girl, Take A Breath ... ]

Stanfour ♥ [28.o6.'o8 | o6.o6.'o9]
[Sorry, Heart Skipped A Beat, In Your Arms, Wild Life, Do It All, Desperate, It's Not Over, For All Lovers, Everything I Am .. ]

[Apologize, Come Home, Stop And Stare, Goodbye Apathy, Dreaming Out Loud, All Fall Down .. ]

Simple Plan
[I Can Wait Forever, Save You, Your Love Is A Lie, Generation, Shut Up, Perfect World, Perfect, Untitled, Welcome To My Life .. ]

Three Days Grace
[Never Too Late, Let It Die, Riot, Get Out Alive, Gone Forever, Pain, I Hate Everything About You, Time of Dying .. ]

die ärzte ♥ [23.o8.'o8]
[1/2 Lovesong, Nur Einen Kuss, Westerland, Himmelblau, Living Hell, Lasse Redn, Junge, Wir Sind Die Besten, Zu Spät, Die klügsten Männer der Welt, Rebell, Ein Lied für Dich, Grace Kelly, Wie Am Ersten Tag, Baby, Schrei Nach Liebe, Deine Schuld, Unrockbar ... ]

[Count The Stars, Here I Am, Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll, Love Is Heartcore .. ]

Blue ‹3³ *one love*
[Curtain Falls, All Rise, One Love, Back Someday, U Make Me Wanna, Girl I'll Never Understand, Breathe Easy, Where You Want Me, Fly By II, Love RIP, Elements, Welcome To The Show, Only Words I Know ... ]

Duncan James ‹3
[Letter To God, Sooner Or Later, Breathing, Frequency, Amazed .. ]

Antony Costa ‹3
[Runaway Train, Do You Ever Think Of Me, Everywhere and Everything, Learn To Love Again, Heartaches And Bad Days .. ]

Simon Webbe ‹3
[Seventeen, Me, Myself & I, Coming Around Again, No Worries .. ]

Lee Ryan ‹3
[Parking, How Do I?, Real Love, Turn Your Car Around, .. ]

Linkin Park
[In The End, In Pieces, In Between, Valentine's Day, Leave Out All The Rest, Faint, Breaking The Habit, Numb/Encore, Pushing Me Away (live) .. ]

[Irgendwann, Zaubern, Bastard, Pack Dich, Unsterblich, Wunderbar .. ]

Grand Avenue
[London, Bullet, Monday Morning, Anything That's You .. ]

Fall Out Boy
[Golden, Hum Hallelujah, The (Shipped) Gold Standart, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, I Don't Care, I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me + You), America's Suitehearts, Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?, Beat It .. ]

Asher Lane [19.o9.'o8]
[Headlights, New Days, Explain, Neon Love, Come On, World In Your Head, Running In Circles .. ]

Green Day
[¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl), Working Class Hero, Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Nice Guys Finish Last, When I Come Around, Basket Case, American Idiot, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Jesus Of Suburbia, Minority .. ]

Billy Talent [17.11.'o9]
[Pins & Needles, Diamond on A Landmine, Surrender, Rusted From The Rain, Standing In The Rain, Turn Your Back (with Anti-Flag), Devil In A Midnight Mess, Voices Of Violence, Fallen Leaves, Perfect World, Red Flag .. ]

[Und Tschüss, Politix, Keine Panik, Bewegung, Babylon Bei Boot, Sexy Sein, Meerchen, An Alle Ladies, Krasse Sachen, Jammalappen .. ]

[Why Don't You & I?, Into The Night, Smooth, Put Your Lights On, Maria, Maria, Just Feel Better, Corazon Espinado ... ]

[Beste Zeit Deines Lebens, Freunde Bleiben, Die Welt Steht Still, Romeo, Mit Dir Chilln, Generation Rock, Du Explodierst, Patien in Meiner Psychatrie (Chaostheorie) .. ]

[The Change, These Silent Nights, Some Kind Of Poetry, Heaven, Beyond Imagination .. ]

Keith Urban
[Stupid Boy, Somebody Like You, Once In A Lifetime, Used To The Pain .. ]

[Savin' Me, Far Away, If Today Was Your Last Day, Next Conestant, If Everyone Cared, Rockstar, Someday, Too Bad, Animals .. ]

Phoenix Effect
[Carry Me, Broken Promises .. ]

YeoMen [28.o6.'o8]
[Last Resort, Unrockbar, Engel]

Nevio [12.o5.'o7 | 11.o5.'o8]
[Bellissima, Halt Mich, Run Away, Vorbei, Stella, Vedrai .. ]

Ian O'Brien-Docker [o4.o2.'o7]
[Vanity Fair, The Beginning, Septembernights, Totally Alright, Darkeyedgirl, You Never Know, Love Shines On .. ]

US5 [11.5.'o7]
[Every Other Night, Make It Last For Life, Say La La La, The Rain, Maria, Last To Know, Bad Girl, Baby I Like, As Good As It Gets, A Girl Like You, If You Leave, Rhythm Of Life, The Child Inside .. ]

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